SELECTING A BUSINESS SITE – Available Land and Buildings

Rte 3/Rte 129  

Rt 3/Rt 129 — Large office complexes, many corporate headquarters, most of the town’s largest employers.
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Center of Chelmsford  

Town Center/Rt. 110 — The town center is designated as a historic district by the state.There are many store fronts for window shopping and civic services. It has many local businesses with restaurant, retail, office, and services spaces. Rt. 110 extends from the center south toward Lowell and west toward Westford with a variety of businesses ranging from retail, restaurants, services, housing, commercial and offices.
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North Chelmsford  

North Chelmsford/Vinal Square

Store front window shopping area is home to a variety of neighborhood retail and services businesses clustered around the historic village and several renovated mill complexes.
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Drum Hill
Located immediately off Rt. 3, exit 32, it is home to a mix of uses ranging from large retail to boutiques, restaurants, specialized housing, townhouse office complexes and medical centers.
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According to Area Development Site and & Facility Planning Magazine's 2007 Corporate and Consultant's Survey, a ranking of site selection priorities and factors, the Town of Chelmsford is well positioned to serve the needs of the business community.